I thought this was an extremely strong p…

I thought this was an extremely strong pitch. You clearly identified the pain point. As a person who has witnessed various individuals struggling with gaming addictions this is a really clear and powerful need. I don’t usually like PowToon for pitches, but I loved it here. I think the voice-over made it particularly strong. I also liked that you included a photo at the end of your venture pitch so it felt like I could put a face to the voice. It helped reassure me about credibility. I really liked that your venture pitch included low text with voice-over. You had an excellent use of statistics that were well displayed. The presentation was professional but not over the top. I thought your solution made sense and I appreciated that it was backed by evidence. I also loved the name and tagline. I was motivated to invest. The two small criticisms I had was that I expect over time you will need an exit plan and that you will need to bring more expertise into the mix. Reading about marketing is not the same as being a marketer and I think that it could grow very quickly. I also wonder about patenting your process to ensure that someone with a stronger team doesn’t scoop you. The final thing I wished for in this was more information about how addicts would access this tool and how it would be paid for. Would this be something that governments purchase and provide for free? Would it be something available to users directly for a fee online? Would it be free with advertisements built in? I would also like to see this leveraged into an app for mobile devices.

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