I /want/ to invest in this venture, howe…

I /want/ to invest in this venture, however, there are a couple of points that are not sitting well with me. The bits of the pitch that won me over was from the CEO and entrepreneur, Easton LaChappelle. There is no question that he commands domain expertise, passion, and commitment to the project. As my classmates have pointed out, however, his team has yet to be firmly grounded. Having self-help guru, Tony Robbins as a mentor and investor, lends this venture some credibility, but where is everyone else? Who’s marketing? Who is the financial officer? Who is ??? As mentioned in our learnings this week, it is not common to have the entrepreneur take on every role. In addition, his pitch may have won me over some more, had he had a record of more sales. Fitting one girl, is hardly what I would expect as having a solid sales record. Having customers that had tried his competitors product, then his, would have produced some more convincing stories and metrics. With the documents on the Microventures website, I was able to locate information regarding potential “Treasure” for investors, so all in all, it seems as though this pitch has Trouble (Pain), Technology and Treasure covered. But at the end of the day, his presentation is weak on two of the five T’s (Team and Traction), and for that reason, I would hesitate to invest in a major way. His story is very compelling and inspiring, granted. If I had money oozing out of my bank accounts, perhaps a small investment would be OK, but I would not be “all in”.

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