I would like to preface this review with…

I would like to preface this review with the fact that I do not doodle. I make meaning from spoken words with written text, not pictures so my immediate response to the elevator pitch was lukewarm. After watching the full venture pitch I can say that your layering feature and especially the audio feature (if it can still accurately capture ambient sounds over the tapping of the screen and other device buttons) are very useful and could give your product a leg up. I can’t honestly say that I am well acquainted with the digital note-taking market as I just use the notepad that comes with apple products but these two features seem well chosen seem for your targeted user group. If you take this pitch to the investment community, I would suggest re-recording your on-camera segments with your teleprompter to closer to camera level. The setting was well chosen but it was a bit distracting to see you looking down all the time. Good Luck with the product.

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