I would not invest in this venture, thou…

I would not invest in this venture, though I think it is worth pursuing as a lifestyle business. As an investor, I would be wary that the market is too limited to realize a profit. Content Connection’s main ‘unfair advantage’ is that it has lessons specifically tailored to BC and Alberta curricula. Once we look beyond these two provinces at the prospect of designing and aligning content with other provinces (or countries), Content Connections is exposed to much more competition.

Meeting students where and when they can learn is definitely part of the new landscape of education. However, with creative tools like powtoon becoming easier to use, and many teachers are making instructional videos themselves. I think it would be a good idea to showcase one of the Content Creation lessons or units i your pitch so we would have an idea of what sets your company apart from things like Khan Academy, or some of the emerging microlearning platforms.

Good luck!

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