I would not invest. It was an interestin…

I would not invest. It was an interesting idea but they really failed to convince me that this was a superior solution to any other form of interactive educational software. Everything about the video was pretty generic and uninspiring. They start the video with the question “what if tech could get us excited about learning”. I think most people would quickly say yes we’ve seen technology used to make learning exciting before, so what?

The pitch could have been improved by talking about how students are typically taught body systems in biology. They could have had a textbook diagram that’s hard to understand. They could have had one of the mannequin dummies that have organs you can take out. From there they could have explained why there solution was better. The pitch would have been much better if they differentiated their solution from what already exists in the market. I am not even sure why the tshirt is needed. Why can’t the app just use AR when it detects a body? There is a lot of competition out there and they probably do it better.

I find the pair to be unlikeable. The last minute, about 25%, of the pitch was bloopers and outtakes. It felt really unprofessional and in need of an edit. Humour has a place in winning people over but there was nothing fun or humorous.

The hint at the use of the application for different school subjects without providing even a hint of what that might look like. From what I could see the technology they are trying to sell is extremely limited to a single lesson in a high school biology class.