If I were a traditional publisher lookin…

If I were a traditional publisher looking to compete in the emerging market I would focus on using my strengths as a large publishing house to out compete the smaller publishers.
Though traditional publishing houses are large and expensive operations, they also have amassed a massive amount of information, resources, and experience with which to compete in the emerging markets. Teachers and schools when selecting textbooks are often looking for a text that aligns both with their curricular content, and provide unique resources with which to design a lesson/unit. The large publishing house have already amassed a wealth of these resources that could easily be converted to a digital format. Using their existing knowledge bank and with their credibility already in place, a publishing house does have a head start in creating new content.
To move away from the traditional textbook experience, I would start using my larger financial ability to begin hiring experts in the field of digital textbooks. This strategy is similar to how some of the larger tech companies will purchase smaller start-ups to gain from their ideas. It would be tough as a large publishing company to be nimble enough to stay current with what is happening in the dynamic field of digital textbooks. Instead I would begin to invest in the more innovative thinkers and companies, and through them begin to move to a more diversified publishing output.
Finally, I would still continue to produce traditional textbooks. Though digital textbooks are on the path towards massive acceptance, the market is still there for traditional textbooks. If the goal of my publishing company was pure profit, I do not think the time is right to completely divest from the traditional market. I would continue to sell my analog books to fund my steady shift towards becoming a leader in the digital market.

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