If I were looking to use one of the thre…

If I were looking to use one of the three platforms I believe I would use Edmodo in my high school classroom. I do not teach an “academic” course so some of the more content heavy CBLs like iTunes U would have little use for me. I like the ability of Edmodo to custom make a platform for your class with additional apps and content. In a shop class It would be helpful for students to share projects in progress and have their peers comment and provide feedback. On the other side of the coin students can post pictures of their projects online and have the teacher assess their reflections and thoughts. Since Edmodo is designed in an easy to use social media styled platform, there seems at first glance to require little training for the students to begin using the product effectively.

My primary concern with using a CBL in a classroom would be the privacy of the students in the classroom. I know personally the the Vancouver School Board has issues with the use of Google based products, as the storage of student information in the American based severs breaks freedom of information rules. As students will be posting and participating online I would want to ensure their personal information, including grades, could not be accessed by outside users.

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