I’m a Home Economics teacher at West Va…

I’m a Home Economics teacher at West Vancouver Secondary School. I have taught textiles in the past and I find it very interesting to have wearable technology incorporated into society and also in the classroom. I’m curious to see the future of wearable technology and how it will affect our society as a whole. If it can enhance the quality of our lives and to make it more efficient, why not? But my question is how will it be washed? Will it be detachable? Humans perspire and from what I have noticed, technology and water/detergent don’t usually go together. I have a fitbit, my colleague has an AppleSmart watch and I just discovered my iPhone has a health app. If these devices can be integrated into our glasses, clothes and shoes, as educators, we need to keep up with the times. I can see it as a survey or data collection for math in our classroom lessons or even with textiles or fashion classes. I’m going to a wedding this weekend, what if the bride’s dress had a camera installed in the bust and it was able to record the event through her eyes?

That would be very cool. Whenever I think of textiles and technology, I come back to Raj on Big Bang Theory!

One of the teachers at my school wore an ugly Christmas sweater with his iphone playing a fireplace. He just placed it in the front pocket and it just played.