Immersive Experiences can be attained th…

Immersive Experiences can be attained through VR, AR and MR. These technologies provide an incredible opportunity for students to learn, including becoming part of a history lesson or taking part in a novel that is being read in an Language Arts/English. They have the ability to bring concepts to life which is immensely helpful.

Personally, I have not used any of these technologies, but I can see both the practical and exciting features of these. Practically, using AR/VR/MR would be helpful in a woodworking/shop environment. Students would be able to practice using tools before they actually use the real ones, preventing injuries and building confidence. Students would also be able to dive into a historical context or novel that they are reading to better understand what is going on.

Immersive Experience technologies are becoming increasingly popular and there are many benefits to using them within education. If this is to happen teacher training and the number of programs that could be used within educational would need to be increased. These technologies provide an exciting opportunity to truly deepen students’ learning experiences.