In reading her BIO, it is clear that she…

In reading her BIO, it is clear that she would be an excellent resource and potential council to any entrepreneur. First she has an astounding level of education, holding a BSC in Computing Engineering which is not easy to obtain, and after a Master in Computing Culture from MIT. She also has the unique experience of teaching technology and interaction at NYU and Parsons School of Design. I suppose in attending these institutions, she has the names to back her up and give her credibility. She seems to be keen on expanding ventures, and taking the initiative to create connections between individuals within the industry in both the design and technology areas. What makes her unique is that she has a keen interest for both design and technology and wants to merge these communities together. Her understanding is powerful, and she would be able to assist on both levels potential entrepreneurs who have an interest in these two fields. In addition, her experience in running workshops, lecturing, and teaching would make her ideal for guiding entrepreneurs. She received numerous awards, and appeared at TED conferences, and now being inducted in MOMA is quite impressive. She has a variegated team which is important, and could instruct entrepreneurs on how to use the different resources of the team to further a venture. Her work clearly exhibits her motivation and drive, which is very important, as you want to have an outgoing personality motivating potential entrepreneurs. In my opinion, she seems like the best option so far as an ideal role model.

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