In the past I have developed and deliver…

In the past I have developed and delivered an iTunesU course for a iPad course I teach – the program was easy to use and allowed for an easy place for students to find resources for the course. The ability to link in apps and other content made iTunesU a great solution at the time. Recently there have been updates to iTunesU which allows for students to submit work and additional features which makes it more like traditional LMS. Currently at my school we use Edsby as our LMS ( and I have found that it is a superior LMS to many of the others that I have experimented with in the past. IT is easy to use and has a great mobile application. It serves as a method of communication, curriculum delivery, professional development , school calendar and organizational tool and as an assessment tool. The Gradebook allows teachers to create digital rubrics, assess with online testing and is customizable to different methods of assessment. The parent feature allows for communication and the ability to track student progress in each course.

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