In the role of a traditional publisher I…

In the role of a traditional publisher I would….panic! Seriously, it would call for some drastic measures and out of the box thinking to survive. The one thing a traditional publisher has at their disposal is an established network to the supply and demand ends of the market. They know the authors and the buyers and can leverage this to their advantage. Rather than focusing on the dizzying array of media and options that are available and are changing daily, I would focus on the needs of educators and students. What do they want and need and how can that be met by my company. I would try and focus on building an adaptive and flexible product line that is compatible with many of the mainstream technologies. How can I assist my authors and content providers in creating linkages between what they are building and the content that exists online already? How can I assist them in promoting and marketing the material they are creating and does my company have the capacity to house, market, promote and customize their product. I think there are some interesting options in allowing the user to create a collage of materials and either print or access the materials online as they need or wish to do so. Perhaps as a service, I could adapt from a traditional publisher to a digital source that provides clients with the opportunity to access and use a wide array of materials and resources for their use in the classroom and online learning environments. Publishing would match education and online consumer of information in that it would provide materials on a ‘as needed, on-demand’ basis and the user would define their needs and use of the information and resources for their own use -customized publishing as a subscriber to our services.

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