Interesting idea, very connected to curr…

Interesting idea, very connected to current trends among youth. I am left wondering, if teachers struggle implementing relatively “old” technology into their curriculum, how will they find the time to create an augmented reality for their students? Although gamification is proven to help increase engagement, it is difficult to implement and does not suit a variety of learners. Your marketing and sales ideas are also a bit of a concern. Students and teachers cannot be forced to buy apps, it would be up to the school board to provide this in their schools. I love the idea of helping others in developing nations as a social venture, but you would need a large amount of money to provide what you have promised to them. I know this is a fictitious venture; however you need to have taken in to account how it is going to grow. You have assumed massive success and profits, but that is highly unlikely and another course of action/plan while you grow would be excellent to see.

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