It is a good idea, with some potential….

It is a good idea, with some potential. However, I feel that you have not looked long and hard enough at your competitors in Europe. Your pitch describes some approaches that already exist (I know about one developed by British Council to teach Syrian refugee children English) but I am unable to tell differences. I was also wondering: it is true that language learning tools are necessary and popular, yet I am very skeptical about their use in North America. The culture of language learning is embryonic in comparison to other parts of the world (well captured in some of the comments below). Learning the second language is unpopular, not to mention third or fourth or fifth. No fancy software is going to change this. Motivation comes when a student feels it is not only cool but handy to know another language. And this comes in linguistically varied regions. I do rarely see this attitude in North America (I guess National Capital Region is an exception). Maybe Asia, after Europe, would be a better market for the venture? If you go for Asia, I invest 🙂

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