It’s a No from me. On the surface this l…

It’s a No from me.

On the surface this looks like a good elevator pitch. The presenter is confident, seems to know what he is talking about and uses education and business lingo in appropriate ways. Very quickly he lets you know what they do, success they have already had (£ 50,000 of investment), organizations they are already working with and what they will do with the investment money they get from you (Business development managers & Technical developers).

When you dig a little under the surface though, there is a lot missing that would make me want to invest in this company. First off there is no identification of the pain point, what need are they trying to fill and how to they plan to fill it? Online learning platforms are a dime a dozen today and he does nothing to explain why his company is different and better than the others. No real identification of marketing plan is explained, just a vague reference to some groups they are working with (“Also some contracts in Africa” – that’s a very vague statement – Africa is huge, where, what country, etc.). Nothing is mentioned about who is leading this venture, you are left to assume it is the presenter himself. Finally, the ask, well, he did ask for money, but did not say how much or how investors will be benefited. So, as a professional EVA I would say, Nope I’m going to pass on this investment opportunity.

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