Ivana, as I wrote to Lane, please don’t…

Ivana, as I wrote to Lane, please don’t post a review until you’ve read the Venture Pitch. The purpose of the elevator pitch isn’t to explain the project, it’s to get you to read the the Venture Pitch. Students actually NEVER communicate with each other on school subjects in social media while being monitored by their teachers, and as such this is not just “another platform”. @cbrumwell, your concerns are well-founded, and these are things I will have to answer going forward if I choose to really pursue this. Getting students to use it would have to come partly from the teacher, i.e. “60% of your geography mark this term comes from the interactions I see from you on Escipi”. If government partners don’t buy-in, this will never happen. It rests on some state or provincial government willing to take the risk to try this, in order to achieve the promise of 21st century ed.

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