James, This is a tough one. I think dist…

This is a tough one. I think districts should be putting $ into infrastructure and support to do the BYOT effectively. I have visited a school that is rolling out BYOT one grade at a time. They started with grade 9 and they have learnt a few lessons which could help you. For next year they are having students show parents the benefits/drawbacks of each device (tablet, laptop or combination like the Surface) and then they are letting the students decide. The students use them effectively and often in Socials, Science and English but they are still working on it in Math. They have one technology teacher available at all times to help with tech troubleshooting like printing and connecting to networks. They found that until about christmas these tech teachers were troubleshooting mostly but now they are moving towards developing new ways of doing things with technology and quite often team teach with other teachers when they can. This is the tip of the iceberg but this seems to be a school that is doing things systematically and doing it well.

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