Janna – I am totally excited about Dogs…

Janna – I am totally excited about Dogs for a Cause! The hook is great…you had me with the cute puppy picture on your home page! I think it’s a great concept – to be able to bring together all the “players” that are involved in matching a dog with a companion. I’m not quite clear on what you’re looking for though. What is the investment that you are looking for and what is the return on that investment? Also, as an investor, I’d like to know a little more about your team and its qualifications and maybe have some video introductions where you can tell me more about the program and why it’s so great! I’m wondering what kind of technology you are using…is it a mobile app or a number of microlearning modules? I think this has a lot of potential and thanks so much for the pitch, but I will need a little more information before I can recommend an investment here. (Also, I do not see a second video or I’m not sure where to access the information about PIXIO that Ghassan is referring to.)

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