Jason, your product identifies a key pro…

Jason, your product identifies a key problem that does need to be addressed. Rather than reduce a teacher’s workload, educational technology and the integration of technology in general, often has the opposite effect and burnout is an increasing problem. I like the idea of AI assistance for menial tasks like attendance or basic paperwork, but I think parents would balk at the idea of facial recognition in the classroom. I know they are experimenting with this in China where facial recognition is used to determine if students are paying attention and engaged, and while the initial reports have been positive, I think privacy concerns would present an obstacle in North America. I think the concept is a little too Orwellian to gain acceptance, but I think there are elements that could be useful. Personally, if I were to have an AI classroom assistant, I would prefer something along the lines of the ED-209, from the original Robocop movie.

Aside from the product itself, some background information on the potential market or demand for such a product would have been helpful for a potential investor. I hate to sound cynical, but I would assume the main target for this product would be school districts or individual schools, but I do not know if reducing teacher workload is enough to encourage administrators to buy unless it can save them some money in the end. More and more, school districts are being run more like businesses, and unless this product makes sense in financial terms, I do not know if they would be willing to open up the purse strings. Your product is original and you identify a very real need, but a stronger business case would have been impactful.