Jonathan, I really like the premise of y…

Jonathan, I really like the premise of your venture, and think there is significant market potential here. Edustream has the potential to incorporate many of the key elements of a 21st century classroom, and I think teachers/students would welcome this innovation into the classroom with open arms. Your problem statement is clear, and the solution is well grounded. You’ve created an easy to navigate website, that is visually compelling from a branding perspective. Some areas where I need more information include getting a more solid grasp of what you have identified as your target market, financials with detailed use of proceeds, and also note that the messaging can be tightened up (ie.too many words). I’m a word lover but I’ve learned that you must be ruthless when it comes to word reduction, cut, cut, cut and simplify. Overall, I quite enjoyed learning about your venture opportunity. with thanks!

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