Justin, this is a great venture and woul…

Justin, this is a great venture and would be useful for anybody regardless of age. This venture has room for growth and can be applied in the workplace setting or for general professional development. I would like to see a bit more explanation about the benefits of microlearning, which I believe is the main element that distinguishes Microgrammar from its competitors. I don’t see much of a difference in the basic and premium packages, that justifies the $1.00 cost. The profit margin seems min. based on the cost of services provided. If you could ‘beef-up’ the premium package with features that would be more appealing to consumer, a fee of more than $1.00 would be reasonable.

On a side note, I appreciate that as the CEO and founder, you are passionate about the venture and are willing to earn less to support your team growth. To personally pitch your venture in front of the camera…well you definitely deserve high props for that.

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