@Kendra, really enjoyed your weeks activ…

@Kendra, really enjoyed your weeks activities Kendra! Wow, visual learning. Can you share how you got into that profession or how you specialized in that area? Thank you for your comments regarding my suggestion. Good to know you had links to plain text as well. To be specific, I guess I found the initial photo on your page a bit visually overwhelming as it took over much of the home page as your scrolled down. Visually its a beautiful pic but initially it took up a lot of space, I see that you might have adjusted that now. That’s just a personal preference though, as for the first time I visited your site. Also on the pages think like an investor page and think like an educator page, you have a beautiful infographic with the steps for what to do in the activities, just found that infographic a bit visually overstimulating. I don’t see red very well so anything with red overwhelms me and I need a break, but again just personal preference.
I noticed that you already changed the fonts and formatting of much of your site, as it was a lot larger before and spaced closer together, crowded. It is now a lot easier to read and go through. I loved the use of your graphics throughout, you stimulated audio, and visual which was great!
Haha, Kendra I doubt your OER will be obsolete! but wearable technology is certainly growing and on the up and up! Amazing how that technology is growing so rapidly. I wonder if anyone will be able to keep up! Your group did a wonderful job with your OER. Thank you.