Kim, you have a very interesting idea he…

Kim, you have a very interesting idea here. I appreciate you taking the use of language text to the next level of augmented text overlay on objects in the classroom. I really liked the line “imagine a world where what they see is also what they read” in your elevator pitch and found it to be very effective is drawing me in to want to learn more. I would have liked to see more pertinent details within your elevator pitch though. Your venture pitch was very thorough and supporting your venture with concrete reading theories added credible value. However, the choice of presentation format as pdf was not engaging for me and I think as an investor I would expect some level of interaction or engagement with the person “behind” the venture. So for instance a narration to add a more personal element to the piece. This does’t mean the idea or product isn’t worthwhile, only that the presentation (for me anyway…and only my opinion) was a little flat.

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