Kudos Adaptive Learning team for develop…

Kudos Adaptive Learning team for developing a fantastic OER. I am in the process of redesigning some of the training programs in my workplace and adaptive microlearning has been a very big focus in our strategy towards improving the learning experience. I recently shared this video with my team, which you may also find interesting:

I liked your choice to do a podcast for your introduction. I’m not sure if that was intended as the primer or more of an “about us” type replacement, but combined with your poll’s and the persona quiz, I was hooked from the first page – Thank you. One suggestion would be to add two more buttons after the persona quiz, so that I could jump straight to the persona that I was identified as (rather than having to go through Susan first) – not a big thing but worth considering for your final product.

I think that what I appreciated most about your OER is the intention and thoughtfulness behind the use of persona’s, highlighting how important it is to cater the learning experience to the unique requirements of the learner, and how learning is adapted based on prior knowledge and understanding, as well as application. I also like the variety of the interactivity between the polls, discussion boards and flipgrid videos.

I learned a lot here will 100% be referring back to this resource as I explore adaptive learning options in my work.