Kudos to you, team Personalized Learning…

Kudos to you, team Personalized Learning. I really enjoyed your OER and thought that it was inventive that you offered your OER in the different formats. I found that this helped to influence my own understanding of my learning as I actually found that the printed and audio version helped me most. On a side note, I really liked how you embedded questions in your videos. Is the program that you used to do this free? I could see this being an awesome addition to some of the videos that I currently have for my students.

In terms of your content, I think that your OER was well-researched and thoughtful. I thought that your reflection questions were interesting and timely, and related well to the information that you presented. One suggestion I would have for the video segment of your OER would be to consider having either an animation or a voice-over on some of the slides. I found it challenging to keep up with the content when listening to the presenter, and in a way, it seemed more equivalent to an audio recording of the material. I think that if you had some images interspersed with the presenter (who did an excellent job, by the way) this would make this component of the OER easier to follow along. Other than that, I thought that the work that you presented was well-established in the literature and made a lot of sense. I also appreciate how you spent some time considering the potential pitfalls of PL, and I really liked your point about how PL software is not “pedagogically neutral”- it certainly gave me some food for thought!

Thank you for putting together such a cogent and easy-to-navigate OER on PL. I learned a lot.