Lane, you’d have to read the Venture Pi…

Lane, you’d have to read the Venture Pitch to understand it; it is far too complex to explain in a 1-minute pitch. Danielle, if students can remember their usernames and passwords they can remember Escipi, and they could also bookmark it. As I mentioned, there are no similar systems so there is nothing to compare to. By “student retention”, do you mean staying in school, or remembering information? Either way, I’m being real here and there’s nothing like Escipi currently in existence, so I won’t just pull facts, figures, or prices out of thin air. I mentioned in the pitch “After implementation, it must be studied for efficacy. This study would involve qualitative data drawn from teacher and student testimonials, and quantitative data in the form of comparative test scores”. If students and teachers like it and their test scores improve, sending that information to other jurisdictions is the marketing strategy. Let’s say P.E.I. signs on and their test scores increase, then I’d market these results to other provinces and states. That is the growth strategy. Also clearly stated is the fact that there is no team, just me and my idea, and there is no revenue model because the purpose is not to make money. The return on investment, as stated, will be “a dynamic, flexible, tech-savvy workforce” 10 to 20 years from now.

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