Lane, your pain point here is a salient…

Lane, your pain point here is a salient one that all teachers today can relate to. Individualized instruction to teach a universal curriculum for objective marks is a huge conundrum, but after going through your beautifully designed site, I still don’t really see an answer to that question. In the “Solution” you say “We take your curriculum and create leveled (sic) passages so that all students in the classroom are working with the same materials. Each passage can be changed so that the text is now at the grade level of the reader.” How can they be levelled and still be the same materials? If each passage is at the grade level of the reader, how does that help the students you mentioned in your elevator pitch who are are reading two grades below or three grades above their grade level? Some of these specifics need to be clarified. $5 per student, or roughly $150 per class, is a competitive price considering that might only buy you one or two textbooks, so it would be good value for a principal, but on your end, creating custom materials for an entire class for only $150 seems like a daunting task. That’s why it’s still the teacher’s job and at least at this point, seems unfeasible in uploading to a private company.

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