Let me start out, Ghassan, by saying I r…

Let me start out, Ghassan, by saying I really like the idea of students running their own cafeteria and learning the business skills that go along with it. As Erin said, there are so many directions you could go with this, including growing the food onsite! If I was a teacher in charge of this program, I would hire you in a second to come in and help set up this program for my school. If I was an administrator, I would be asking what you could offer that I couldn’t find online at a lower price point. Your philosophy is great and your objectives noble; however who is going to run this program after your venture has done its consulting? I worry that this would be a lot for a teacher to oversee even though you would’ve worked to get it all organized for them. Does the school have this kind of money in their budget? I wish I could invest in this because I really believe in food security and teaching business skills to kids, but I think this venture needs to be modified and streamlined somewhat before I would recommend investing. I do think you’re onto something though!

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