Like another review I have made, I want…

Like another review I have made, I want to preface this one by saying I am a social media holdout who only got a twitter account last month for this course. That being said, Schoolbook seems like a neat take on the LMS concept and I am intrigued by the mobile-first philosophy. I think it really speaks to the student user but it might not be a great fit for some parents and (if my school is any indication) about 30-50% of teachers. In looking at other platforms throughout this course, I see a lot of the other companies getting key teachers to try out the platform and bring it into their schools. This might be a marketing angle you want to consider to get to 1% of Edmoto’s market penetration. Signing up younger, tech savvy teachers to be ambassadors (they’d sell the students and educate the social media holdouts like myself) for you could speed up your expansion.

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