Mariana, nice work on the pitch. I enjoy…

Mariana, nice work on the pitch. I enjoyed the executive summary format more than I thought I would. The information that I am trying to find is neatly laid out and labeled. Furthermore, you have discovered a niche market that I hadn’t considered before. I have heard it repeated in many places that finding the problem to be solved is half the battle for a successful venture.

The posts by Jesse and Briar have aptly identified some strengths and weaknesses with your pitch. I will not reiterate them here. I was intrigued by your choices throughout the venture. Like Chris noted, it seems your “venture” is more of an established business but as you illuminate, you are looking for investors to help expand your venture. You are trying to keep up with demand. The fact that syou have already seen much success is reassuring. As an amateur investor, I find it much easier to hop on a bandwagon than to board a train with an uncertain destination.

The numbers you present are impressive. There seems to really be a vacuum in that industry that is just waiting to be filled by a competent entrepreneur like yourself.  

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