Mark, great work on your pitch. Like tho…

Mark, great work on your pitch.

Like those below, I am enamored by your product name. I wonder to what extent a product’s success depends on the name. In the make or break moment of the elevator pitch, it is certainly important to have something catchy. Luckily for you, your product is more than just a clever title. Your venture pitch is detailed and informative.

I think your 123D U idea is a great way to add value to your product, especially given that part of your pitch is the ease at which a teacher can utilize your product. Having a community to rely upon with ready made lessons will be vital to drawing people to your product. Furthermore, testimonials added a level of confidence that your product has seen success already.

Two areas where you could improve upon are management and competition. You mentioned that your team has 20 years experience, but if you expanded on the skills you and your team bring to the table, I would have more confidence investing in you. Finally, competition can be fierce in the app market given that almost any developer can enter the worldwide market rather effortlessly. Is your app different enough for consumers to seek it out and download it? 123D Catch, for example, seems to be a direct competitor. If you could show how you are different (and better) than the competition, I would be more inclined to invest.

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