Martina, I think you have done a very go…

Martina, I think you have done a very good job outlining the possibilities that Kenkosei would have as a product and service for teachers in the classroom. I really like the implementation of augmented reality to have students utilizing their phones and having students up and on their feet. This is a great application of the Pokemon Go concept. There are some concerns that I do have. I am not sure if the Pain Point outlined regarding augmented reality is the right pain point your product addresses. Certainly I believe there is a gap with gamifying learning and having students do some exploratory learning which I believe your product does well in but I do not see that so much as a gap within augmented reality. Logistics can be a problem in this case as well. If we were to have every teacher adopt it, I wonder what the chaotic scene around a school hallway might look like which can be distracting to other classes around the same school. Could this be incorporated so you could have students explore a specific area outside of the school like iconic historical sites around the city? I think it has great learning possibilities. Also, I liked that you provided a thorough list of competitors for your product. I do not necessarily believe that this will be something that teachers have the time to necessarily embed on a daily basis but I do think it has a great deal of potential as an additional learning tool used to supplement learning at particular moments in the school year.

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