Maureen, Caleb, thanks for the kind feed…

Maureen, Caleb, thanks for the kind feedback! Tina, you raise a point that I did not anticipate – I did not think that whole schools would purchase this, but I was targeting individual teachers that would want to purchase the service. I initially thought $10 would be reasonable, but changed it to $5 to guarantee more business. I also do not intend for this service to be another teach out of the book reader. @rrto, I came up with the idea, as I’m teaching a science unit, and my FASD boy is operating at a grade 1 level, my LD student is at a grade 2 level, etc. It’s been hard finding materials that they can use for our PBL units on human body, extreme environments so that they are learning the same CONTENT (wish this had italics), but at their level of reading comprehension.

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