Maureen, you have provided a very thorou…

Maureen, you have provided a very thorough presentation for your venture TALO. I agree with the pain point but I also think it’s more complicated than what you have suggested in your venture pitch. Skills/knowledge of the instructor is only part of the issue as one must consider also the effective tools/tech within the LMS that is available for instructors to use in online courses. Providing a free of charge and fully facilitated online course has it’s benefits but also looses flexibility for time management which is the attractive component to online learning especially for busy professionals. As an investor I agree that there is a problem and a need to improve the interactive element in online learning; and not only regarding instructors but as well among online students. I’m just not convinced that professional development is the solution that will solve the problem. I’m not sure that TALO would “stand” out from the vast amount of competition and so as an investor I would decline.

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