Mobile Learning Lab Feedback – I thought…

Mobile Learning Lab Feedback – I thought the overall concept was very strong and you made a good case. I would have liked to see more of you. I’m not sure what credibility this presentation has. Who are you? Who is your team? What is your expertise? Why can you make this work where others haven’t? How will you take this to emerging markets? I think you might have been better served with a presentation of you speaking with some slides to show your point and a summary of your qualifications. The voice-over seemed to lack some enthusiasm so I would have liked to see more of your interest in the project. I am left with a lot of questions, which in a sense is good because you’ve peaked my interest. I like the business model you’ve set up (a teachers pay teachers sort of thing) with extra fees to bump up your project etc. I think that makes a lot of sense financially. I also like that the content is peer driven and that the content is centrally located. I would like to see an interface for teachers where they can also have a section for assessment and tracking as well as curriculum alignment as part of the package. I wish you had gone into more detail about the competition. Numerous cities and archives as well as private businesses are already underway on these sorts of projects. The advantage of your app is that it is all in one place but the same could be said of Layar or the other AR browsers. I also would have liked some reassurance about some of the ethical issues. How will you manage space hacking to ensure you do not open yourself to liability? What about students who do not have access to mobile devices? Will teachers be supported in developing lessons across platforms so that students with android, blackberry and apple devices can all participate? What about students who have inferior devices? Who is going to pay for the data charges these students will incur as part of their participation? As a teacher, I have always found geolocation tedious to develop for AR and companies like Layar and Junaio are reducing their support for geolocation in favour of image recognition. How will you facilitate teachers over the learning curve and get them interested in participating? Eventually word of mouth from those teachers who are making money would help drive business, but how do you plan to do your initial recruitment? You will need to have a sufficient level of participation in a geographic location for it to be worthwhile. Like others have said, I need to know more about how much money we’re talking about to develop this and what kind of marketing and return can be expected before I could really make a decision about how interested I am in going to the next step.

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