MotivatEd is a learning tool to motivate…

MotivatEd is a learning tool to motivate students with learning via an avatar. Upon first viewing of the pitch I was a bit uncertain exactly what the product did but after viewing the pitch a second time I undertsood it better. The author may want to modify this part of the pitch so that it is very clear exactly what the product offers. The problem or pain point was identified clearly. The CEO and team were introduced and their qualifications and previous successes were identified. The team is well rounded and appear to have the experience needed to achieve success. The venture’s concept was unique in the market of educational apps with no real competition identified. The target market is identified and it is demonstrated that there is a place for this product. Various revenue possibilities were generated and were based on several possible buying scenarios. The pitch presents a seven year growth plan that is reasonable and realistic. The marketing strategies were listed and targeted teachers and administrators who will be the buyers of this product. The pitch made clear what funding they were seeking and how the money would be used. I didn’t see what the return in investment would be for the investors however. The only other thing that appeared to be missing was an exit strategy. This pitch was well presented. I would consider looking more closely at this investment if I was an investor.

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