Moumita, thank you for your venture idea…

Moumita, thank you for your venture idea. It’s clearly a niche market that people can dive into (since I have already reviewed another post in this class with a similar idea) but the elevator pitch did nothing for me unfortunately. Just text being written by scribe was a little underwhelming and not convincing enough if I were a potential investor. However, your site was very detailed, especially your proposed scenarios! That’s a great way to not necessarily get involved with concrete numbers when starting up a venture. But mentioning that work would be outsourced to a specialist in India is not something necessary to be told from the get go potentially… What if international business laws come into play because of this? How safe is my investment? What if something goes wrong on the other side (data, security, etc) – is there anything that can be done from my side to protect my investment/business contract? Other than that, I’m sure you can succeed if you make this business into an actual project, so I wish you the best of luck with it!

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