Nano Interactive Review Nano seems like…

Nano Interactive Review
Nano seems like a very interesting product. The pain point is clearly identified and definitely of major concern. Although it is said that the product market is based on facts, none are actually presented. How large is the target market? The product is very clearly presented. There is a timeline, a clear asking investment and a division of how the funding will be used. The cost of a class set is mentioned yet I would like to know the target audience. Will be product be sold to school boards or to individual parents or both? Is it only to be used in younger years or is this also 16 year-olds would employ? The pitches provide a realistic growth strategy and details where the product will be sold. As an investor, I would also like to know whether the nano circuits are being produced in partnership, bought or produced by another division of the company. Although a team is not presented, the founder seems engaging, professional, knowledgeable and confident. I can see how many individuals would purchase such a product and as an investor I would definitely look in your venture in further details to invest. Well done!

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