Natalie, it is a great name and I love t…

Natalie, it is a great name and I love that you have a personal connection to the product. I hadn’t heard the term “social capital” before, but it makes a lot of sense that it would be tied to academic success. I liked this: “I asked myself if students (or investors) might misinterpret this app as being contributory to further alienation and stigmatization of post-secondary students with disabilities” in your reflection; I think the fact that you’ve specifically envisioned it for students without disabilities avoids this issue. As others have mentioned, you didn’t give financial information, but in my Venture Pitch too, I found it difficult to just make up numbers (I’m not a software developer so I have no idea what one would charge or how complicated it might be to develop, and I assume that even a software developer would have a hard time giving me a quote with the probability of cost overruns when dipping into such unchartered territory) for a project that I’m actually serious about and is close to my heart. Since this is all hypothetical anyway, I’ll invest any amount that you might come up with!

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