Nice work Justin. The importance of good…

Nice work Justin. The importance of good grammar is becoming a lost art as young teachers enter the workforce with less and less background in the subject. I think your app has a lot of potential in that respect. I like the fact that your app is not a grammar checker that alleviates the need to learn grammar. As you point out, good grammar is what makes a person an expert communicator. I liked the elevator pitch, but it could be rewritten to be under a bout 90 seconds. Your website is set up logically and your headings allowed me to go back and find what I was looking for easily. Strengths include your CUBE analysis of your venture and decision to go mobile and micro. Not only this, you back up this decision well with research. My first concern as an EVA is the idea of marketing to teachers individually. Teachers like to help students but most don’t have the resources to invest in apps for their class. The number of apps that I wish I could use in my class is high and that forces you to compete with every other type of education app on the market when it comes to getting me to pay for your app. I would give teachers a chance to use the app for free in order to garner support. Teachers that sign up for free could become GURUS that help establish your apps presence in the K-12 market. I would offer increased functionality to schools or boards that sign on so they could use the big data to track student progress on a board level. My second concern may be unfounded based on your research, however I still have concerns about the availability of mobile devices across the group. I teach in a private school where nearly all kids carry an Iphone 6 in their bag, but my wife works for the board where this is not the case. In a few years many of the best grammarians will be retiring and at that point I will be ready to recommend Microgram as a great investment.

The face of your company could be my grandma, whose penmanship, grammar and use of the ruler as a disciplinary tool were legendary. 🙂

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