Nicely chosen Milorad! : ) I can’t thin…

Nicely chosen Milorad! : ) I can’t think of a more inspiring figure with regards to successful innovator/entrepreneur role model. Jobs was successful in many regards and obviously surrounded himself with the expertise needed to promote his vision. I thought I’d add some info on his personal background before becoming an entrepreneur, as I find it really interesting that he only attended college officially for one semester and only “dropped-in” on creative classes thereafter. As an (pretend) investor, I might have judged him unfairly based on this lack of credentials. Some might think this means a lack of motivation for accomplishment, and others might perhaps think in retrospect that he was too innovative to be stuffed into a traditional “educational box?”  Investment based on this aspect is obviously a gamble to which there is no right recipe, even if there is a recommended one. It might be a tricky question, but what do you think the “original value proposition” was of the apple computers? I hazard a guess that this maybe evolved over time to change with the markets?

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