No i would not invest in this business….

No i would not invest in this business. The service or product is well thought through although I am not fully sure I understand what “is the real deal” .

Pain Point: I do not understand what the real issue is or why this problem needs to be drastically solved. The issue could be better explained and deserved more attention.

Solution: The solution is clear but I do not understand the “supporting model” and where the money is made. Why would some one pay for this? What does it save the teacher / who is funding etc.

Differentiation: It might be a very original ideas. However it is not within my reach / knowledge to judge it. I think a “trivago” for school trips would be much better.

Marketing: No idea, Could not understand this -apart from that the number of faculty is mentioned. How many school trips are organized on an annual basis? How much money is spend on these trips? Who is funding these trips?

Championship: the entrepreneurs sounds credible and understands probably the problem better then me but I am not sure he has the right solution for the problem

Competition: Was not mentioned.

The Ask: how much money, etc, is required to take the next step; I think this is not clear at all. Only how much it costs from y user point of view.

The Return: how much and how soon will an investor be recompensed. What is an investor supposed to do? What do you need in order to lift this to the next level?