NO, I would not invest in this venture….

NO, I would not invest in this venture. While the “CEO” of PrintPass presented a charismatic pitch, the application is simply void of any real investing power OR staying power. Before I wrote my review, I did a basic Google Search to see how many applications claimed the same thing. I found hundreds, if not more, of applications claiming to do the same thing or a version of what was stated in the pitch. Though I appreciate simplifying things and I’m sometimes a sucker to “smart” fixes to problems, this simply would not work on the Ipad. Firstly, the application is too sticky. One would have to invest a lot of time and money messing around with the backend of the application. There are far too many loopholes to jump through, programming wise. Those who are thinking about investing in this application would spend a lot of money working with programmers, UX designers and engineers in order to find a smart, clean, fast and legal way to make this application work. Secondly, future investors will have to spend a lot of time and money working with Apple’s Legal Counsel. The application would violate too many of Apple’s already iron tight policies, but would run you into the ground if they even got a sniff of what you were hoping to do (1) & (2). Thirdly, the application would require the user to relinquish a lot of their own ownership and “power” they have over their device. Yeah, we’re storing all your passwords, login you in simultaneously, simple, right? Harmless, right? Sure. But what about all of the other applications? What about their IT/application policies/laws? Would this violate anything on their end? More importantly, you as a user, are you willing to give all of this information up? Are your servers tight? Will they protect my passwords? Will there be any massive leaks or breaches? Your system engineers and security would have to be SOLID for other applications to want to even allow third-party applications to run in their backend as well. Finally, investors will have to invest a lot of money in branding the application. Schools, educators or school boards may very well have their own gripes about the application, some being (a) school board IT may not want to support, or manage the application. In fact, it may not even be accepted as it potentially violates their own IT policies for safety. (b) Not all schools have iPads. Who are your niche markets? (c) Ipads have had their growing successes in education though there are rapidly fading from the scene. Even Apple is acknowledging that the “iPads in education” fad is coming to an end (3). iPads are slowly going into the trash. Small life shelf and are virtually impossible to work with in the first place if your school has some (too many IT locks). In conclusion, I would not invest in this application. Too messy, too sticky, not safe and not appealing.