No, I would not invest in this venture….

No, I would not invest in this venture. However, I was on the fence because of my instinct to investing in this company’s CEO. While my fellow EVA’s rightly point out the limitations of this offering (the potential of Apple to make the app part of its native iOS, the fact that it is only available for Apple products and geared specifically to an even smaller niche within the Apple ecosystem – products with Touch ID enabled, etc.), I believe Victoria’s idea has a solid foundation and she herself, is an excellent investment. In the short term, I could see Victoria achieving her goal of building out the main functionality of the app and selling it to an existing password security company. I can also see the development of an Android analog using the ‘master password’ option. Furthermore, as a former classroom teacher that accessed technology regularly, I can attest that the CEO has identified a significant pain point for teachers – wait time in ed tech is still a major contributor to classroom stress and slows adoption amongst teachers. After watching this pitch, my instincts tell me that the CEO would be able, once working on this project in a more immersive capacity, to pivot toward a service that fills this needs and is more geared to a favourable Opportunity Space.

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