No, I would not invest in this venture….

No, I would not invest in this venture. One of the problems immediately apparent is poor presentation – they haven’t distilled down their idea. Their website lists all the features but doesn’t explain the core principle, and it felt ungrounded and unsatisfying to visit. Differentiation – what makes this different from opening a map and searching on your phone? To that end, my main concern is how was the content created/curated?? It is an impossible task to objectively describe all aspects of every place in the world, with cultural sensitivity and current information. Even if it were possible, this would require immense resources, and I just do not see a feasible ROI. I do like the idea of pairing a 3D representational entry point to endless avenues online. But like many entrepreneurs the focus has not been on developing the kernel of an idea, but ‘working hard’ on lots and lots of content to cover up the fact that it is not really that unique an idea in the first place.

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