No, I would not invest in this venture….

No, I would not invest in this venture. I do agree the presenter clearly and articulately identifies the problem (students spend a lot of time reading and doing assignments) and offers a compelling solution through StudySoup (don’t do all the work yourself, rather buy it from another student to help reduce your time spent) and compensate the student who is selling you the notes and summaries. This is where I pause, and ask myself, “Is the time invested in studying and assignments not the whole point of education?” Moral platform aside, while I agree there is always an upside in a product/solution that promises time savings or efficiency, I just can’t wrap my head around this one. It’s like getting a dog so you can go out walking more often, but then hiring a dog-walker. All this aside, the growth numbers are good (doubling user base and revenues quarter over quarter is astounding (and also concerning !!!)). However, the barriers to market are not identified. I’m thinking the curation of reputable content is critical, and the digital rights management of it would also be tricky — identifying who might need/want access to it, and also, preventing aggregate distribution of said content. i.e. one student in the class purchases it for $100 but shares it with all other classmates. These are all real concerns. While I acknowledge the success in product development thinking and scaling and growth, I think there may be ethical issues here not fully explored, so I’m out on this one.

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