No, I would not invest in this venture….

No, I would not invest in this venture.

The two main features of an elevator pitch that are showcased within this pitch are credibility and championship.

Credibility is evidenced near the beginning of the pitch with a visual of company logos “supporting” the pitch (i.e. KPMG, JLL, and Fried Frank Technology). As well, the speaker is knowledgeable about the progress of the business venture, and speaks as a committed leader of a team. It is this team approach that showcases the championship of this venture as indicated by successful funding efforts that have already been put into place. As well, talks of implementation and potential roll-outs have occurred with a range of institutions (i.e. Department of Work and Pensions, schools, housing associations), along with the mention of contracts in Africa, offering a global connection.

The request for seed funding to hire business development managers and technical developers is realistic. However, no history of sales or projection of future sales is offered within the pitch, only indication of potential possibilities. Therefore, this is a risky investment and one that I would pass on. Hopefully, it won’t be the one “that got away”!

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