No – I would not invest in this venture…

No – I would not invest in this venture (at this time). And, here’s why.

Before even engaging with the video, the length of it immediately made me skeptical as the duration seemed significantly longer than typical elevator pictures. Cautiously, I decided to jump into the video in its entirety. Below is a summary of my critiques as well as the strengths that were presented in this pitch.

First the critiques – other than the aforementioned length of the pitch, I was slightly disappointed by the lack of passion and enthusiasm for the product. Both speakers did not convey much excitement for the product; therefore, I question how they would engage investors on that level as well. There was also a notable lack of market knowledge: what was the market share, what is the need they are trying to fulfill, and what is the competitive edge? Although, I did enjoy viewing the demo’s of the AI/AR functionality (which will be further discussed below), I did not find the beginning of the video, where Earth was described as a hand-made creation, particularly useful in outlining the product features.

Now, let’s jump to the strengths of the pitch. Almost immediately, I felt there was evidence of CEO credibility. It was apparent that both speakers knew the product, and they knew it well. They also displayed a confident, and capable presence throughout the pitch. I was also hooked by the demonstration of the app, and thought the visuals used throughout were professional, engaging, and memorable. The demonstrations were helpful in showcasing the ease of use and the strength of the AI capability.

Overall, I enjoyed the professional quality of the pitch; however, there was a significant amount of information lacking for me as an EVA. The limited market and competitor information makes me skeptical and have deterred me from investing in this venture. Perhaps with more information, this opinion may change, although I would like to understand the exit strategy and understand the direction of where Earth is navigating towards.