No, I would not invest in this venture….

No, I would not invest in this venture. Although the founders address the problems of climate change, sustainability, and energy security, offering this product as a way of preparing students to one day solve these problems seems a bit farfetched. The concept of MuddWatt is very unique and differentiates it from many of the other scientific skills development toys and products, but I worry that the messiness of mud and the connotations associated with bacteria (using microbes consistently may be better) may dissuade general consumers from wanting this product in their homes. Apart from obtaining and feeding the mud, this seems like a passive experience for kids since they have to wait a few days to generate enough electricity just to power an LED light and even longer to do anything more substantial. The founders Keegan and Kevin are engaging and seem genuinely excited about the possibilities of mud, but I worry that the venture’s specific focus on mud limits its future product potential and markets. The founders’ backgrounds in scientific research and product design add credibility to the venture, but an asking price of $48.00 US could make the product inaccessible to a larger market and suggests more market research is needed.