No, I would not invest in this venture….

No, I would not invest in this venture. While the pitch does an excellent job of describing the product/service and its benefits to the users, it does not talk about the venture from a viability point of view for investors. Also, it does highlight the market gap–misleading information, too much information, etc., but it does not address product differentiation as to how is it better from the services offered by competitors. On the other hand, if this is an original venture, then it does not mention that, and this lapse would make a potential investor think if the founders have done their homework in terms of market study. The pitch lacks information on leadership credibility such as their background or past projects that could inspire trust and confidence. There is no mention of market share, revenue, returns for investors, potential risks for investors, and exit strategy. Therefore, while I do see the value of the product itself, the factors listed above would certainly prevent me from investing in it.